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Take the opportunity to study abroad. Take internships, study in a foreign language, meet new people and have unforgettable experiences.

Practical internships

General information

Who can ride:
Any student who is enrolled in a Master’s or Doctoral programme and will be duly registered for studies at LFP UK for the entire period of their stay abroad can participate in the Erasmus+ practical placement. LFPUK’s priority is to provide practical placements to students who have an internship as part of their study programme.

Practical placements are open to any student from the first year of study.

For how long:
Work placements can last between 2 – 12 months. A minimum of 2 months is considered to be 60 days. A minimum of 20 hours per week.

How often:
Under the Erasmus+ programme, students can participate in a practical placement abroad repeatedly. The total duration is 24 months, which may consist of a practical placement (Student Mobility for Traineeship), a study placement (Student Mobility for Studies) and/or a combination of these activities.

What to arrange before departure

Tenders in 2023/2024
A student who arranges a practical placement with a foreign coordinator should report this to the International Relations Department. He/she will then be given access to log in via the web application.

The student can access the application by entering his/her personal number (the eight-digit number on the student card – ISIC – under the photo) and the password assigned to him/her when the card is issued.

Unlike study placements, the selection of students is decided by the University abroad and its Erasmus Faculty Coordinator.

If the student receives a confirmed Training Agreement from the foreign university, he/she is eligible for financial support.

Traineeship work plan – Training agreement
The work plan for the placement abroad must correspond to the student’s study programme at the University. Only internships that have an equivalent within the UK study programme can be recognised.

The internship can be compulsory, optional or optional.

The specifics and content of the practical placement should be carefully listed on the web application. This will also complete the training agreement document, which is an integral part of the application form for the practical placement.

The information given here will also appear identically in the practical placement report document. The student prints this form using the online application and has it approved by the study programme guarantor and signed by the Vice-Dean for Student Affairs.

Application form

The Application form is automatically generated in .pdf format and can be printed directly from the web application once completed. As with study placements, it is essential to check the requirements of the partner institution, which may require its own forms, particularly regarding accommodation, orientation or language courses, etc.

ATTENTION Application deadlines at partner schools may differ from those at the University of Applied Sciences in Pilsen (!!!).

The partner institution (University) usually informs the student about the acceptance of the work placement by sending back a confirmed application form.

In addition to the signed Training Agreement, the student must submit a “letter of invitation” directly from the workplace where he/she will be doing the internship. Without these documents he/she cannot be granted financial support.

Dean’s decision on the award of a special purpose scholarship
Upon receipt of the application form confirmed by the partner institution and an acceptance letter from the foreign workplace, the student may be awarded a special purpose scholarship to support the placement abroad. The purpose-built scholarship is awarded to the student on the basis of the “Dean’s Decision”. The Faculty Coordinator will prepare a draft of the Dean’s Decision on the award of the special purpose scholarship.

Scholarship rates

Participation agreement for transferring the special purpose scholarship to the student’s account
The proper use of the scholarship awarded and the conditions for its payment are governed by the Participation Agreement in accordance with the Erasmus+ Qualification Conditions.

The student concludes the Participation Agreement with the UK through the European Office of the Department for International Relations of the RUK in Prague, Ovocný trh 3, 116 36 Prague 1

The contract will be ready for the student’s signature after the Dean’s Decision on the award of the special purpose scholarship is issued – no later than 10 working days before the planned departure for the internship.

In order to print the participation contract, it is necessary to have the EUR account number filled in the online application, where the scholarship will be subsequently transferred and also to have the personal document number indicated.

The student will be informed about the possibility of collecting the Participation Agreement by email to the address indicated in the web application.

As a condition for payment of the scholarship, the following must be submitted:

The decision of the Dean on the award of the special purpose scholarship

Confirmed application form ( Training agreement )

Acceptance letter from the partner institution ( workplace abroad )

Together with one original of the Participation Agreement, the student will also receive

  • Confirmation of nomination to the Erasmus+ programme (Erasmus+ Nomination Letter) in English for the authorities (foreign police) abroad.

According to EU rules, it is the student’s obligation to register with the Foreign Police Department in the place where he/she will be studying within 30 days of his/her arrival.

Health and liability insurance

Czech citizens are entitled to health care in the EU and EEA countries according to the EEC Council Regulations 1408/71 and 574/72. However, in any EU country it is necessary to take into account the so-called patient’s deductible.

For these reasons, it is the student’s responsibility to take out insurance for all medical expenses valid for the destination country. Since 1 June 2004, an amendment to the above mentioned Regulations has been in force, which introduces the European Health Insurance Card as proof of entitlement to medical care in the EU and EEA countries.

In the context of a work placement abroad, the student will also take out liability insurance, which is valid for the foreign workplace.

Extension of a work placement

An Erasmus+ work placement extension can be done without any increase in financial support (zero-grant). A student with Erasmus status can enjoy all the benefits offered by Erasmus during the extended period. Therefore, the total duration of the stay (including the extended period) must not exceed 12 months and the stay must end no later than the end of the academic year. The extended period of stay must be directly related to the original planned stay.

In order for the extension to take place, the student must send the faculty coordinator the consent to extend the placement confirmed by the receiving institution (acceptance letter for the follow-up period), fill in the training plan corresponding to the follow-up period in the web application and send the form Changes to the practical placement protocol to the study programme guarantor for approval. Upon receipt of both documents, the Faculty Coordinator will extend the internship period in the web application. If the student is awarded additional funds for the follow-up period, the Faculty Coordinator will issue an addendum to the Dean’s decision to award the scholarship. The European Office of the Department of International Relations of the RUC will send the student an Addendum to the Financial Agreement for signature, which regulates the duration of the stay abroad and the resulting obligations upon return.

Obligations upon return

In accordance with the obligations arising from the Financial Agreement, the student must complete a final evaluation report after returning from the internship and submit the following documents to the European Office of the Department for International Relations of the RUK and a copy to the International Department of the Faculty of Arts in Pilsen:

  • A copy of the summary of the results achieved and the content of the internship – or in the form of a certificate from the internship – or also an evaluation report from the head of the department.
    Date of delivery: within 10 days from the date of issue by the receiving institution, but no later than 30 September of the relevant academic year.
  • Document confirming the Erasmus practical placement period – The form defining the necessary elements of this document is attached as Annex D to the Financial Agreement.
    Date of delivery: within 10 days from the date of issue by the receiving institution, but no later than 30 September of the relevant academic year.

Final report: by filling in the new pan-European database (Mobility Tool/EU Survey system). The instructions for completing the report will be sent to the student in the form of an automatic email generated by the database at the time of the end of the placement abroad.
Date of completion: within 15 days after the end of the placement abroad.

All documents after the end of the work placement abroad are registered by the European Office of the Department of International Relations of the RUK, the student can check the acceptance in the web application.

Shortening of stay

In the event of a shortened stay abroad resulting from the confirmation of the length of stay, the student is obliged to return the unjustified part of the scholarship.

Erasmus graduate traineeships

Internships are implemented and funded through the Educa consortium. Only students who are yet to graduate can apply – the application must be sent to the Educa consortium before the student graduates. Other documents (LA, Participation Contract, insurance, OLS language tests, etc.) can be processed after the state exams.

The traineeship can be carried out in any institution located in the Erasmus+ programme countries.
If you are interested, please contact the Foreign Relations contact below.

EDUCA application
EDUCA Application For

Study stays

General information

Who can ride:
Any student who is enrolled in an accredited bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral study programme and who will be duly registered for studies at Charles University for the entire period of the study abroad can participate in the Erasmus+ study stay.

Students can study in any country participating in the Erasmus+ programme except the Czech Republic.

The study stay can be completed by any student from the 1st year of Bachelor’s degree.

For how long:
Study stays can last from 2 to 12 months. The minimum duration of a 2-month stay is considered to be 60 days.

How often:
Under the Erasmus+ programme, students can participate in a study placement abroad repeatedly at each level of their undergraduate studies (BA, MA/NMgr, PhD). The total duration for each level of study is 12 months (or 24 months for 5-year MA programmes), and the 12 (or 24) months may consist of a study placement (Student Mobility for Studies), a practical placement (Student Mobility for Traineeship) and/or a combination of these activities.

What to do before departure

The selection process at the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen starts in mid-February for the following academic year (winter and summer semesters).Each applicant can register (apply) for up to three different destinations. The application is made via an online application. At the same time, it must be delivered to the International Office in paper form:

  • a statement of learning outcomes issued by the study department in English
  • a certificate of foreign language proficiency issued by the Institute of Languages of the Charles University in Pilsen (in case of completion of a foreign language course at the Institute) or an internationally recognized certificate (TOEFL, FCE, Sprachdiplom, etc.)
  • a structured CV in English and/or the language of instruction at the foreign university
  • a motivation letter in English/ or the language of instruction at the foreign university

The current list of partner universities is published together with the call for applications. LF UK in Pilsen has signed agreements with universities in Belgium, France, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Turkey and Turkey.

You do not need to complete a study plan to apply. However, it is highly recommended to start thinking about the study plan during the application process. The study abroad plan must correspond to the study programme the student is studying at LFP UK. Only courses that have a recognizable equivalent within the LFP UK study program can be accepted; the minimum number of credits for LFP UK courses is 15/semester. The approval of the compatibility of individual courses (in the categories of compulsory, elective or optional course) is entrusted to the guarantors of examination courses and the Vice Dean for Student Affairs.

The selection procedure is based on the allocation of points:

  • Advantage (56 – 0 points )
  • Language ( 10 – 30 points )
  • Bonus points ( SVOČ, Buddy, faculty representation at regional/national/international competitions…) (10 points)
  • Motivation letter ( 1 point )
  • Year (3 points for each year of study)

Selection Procedure for A.Y. 2024/2025

How to apply?

1) Each applicant can register (apply) for up to three different destinations. When selecting a destination, the applicant should be guided by the curriculum. 

The application is made via an online application

Application deadline:

The web application for the Erasmus+ Studies applications for the WS and SS 2024/2025 is open from 8 February 2024 to 22 March 2024.

2) It must also be delivered to the Department of International Relations in paper form:

– a transcript of academic results in English issued by the study department/downloaded from SIS

 – a certificate of foreign language proficiency or an internationally recognised certificate (TOEFL, FCE, Sprachdiplom, etc.) – minimum required level B2, unless stated otherwise

– structured CV in English and/or the language of instruction at the foreign university

– a cover letter in English/ or the language of instruction at the foreign university – please indicate your priorities if applying to more than one university

Deadline for receipt of documentary attachments: 22 March 2024

Where to study?

Students can apply to their home countries but in that case are not eligible for scholarship.

Erasmus agreements.xlsx

Study plan

You do not need to complete the study plan to apply. However, it is highly recommended to start thinking about the study plan during the application process. The study abroad plan must correspond to the study programme the student is studying at LFP UK. Only courses that have a recognizable equivalent within the study programme at LFP UK can be accepted; the minimum number of credits for courses at LFP UK is 15 per semester. The study plan may consist of compulsory, elective or optional courses and a combination of different years. In the event that a course taken abroad does not have a specific equivalent within an accredited study programme, it may be recognised as an elective course

The student who is selected for the Erasmus+ study placement will then complete the subjects he/she has chosen to study abroad and list them in the study plan in the web application. The printed study plan takes the form of a Study Abroad Plan Protocol. The Vice Dean for Student Affairs is responsible for approving the compatibility of individual courses (in the categories of compulsory, elective or optional course).

Approved courses under the Study Abroad Protocol will be listed in the Learning Agreement, which is part of the Study Abroad Application Form. These courses also represent the minimum requirements necessary to fulfill the chosen program of study (curriculum) at the receiving institution.

The completed study abroad application plan may not be the final version and may be changed after the start of your stay abroad. Only the final version of the Study Plan Record must match the courses that the student will take abroad and that will be confirmed by the partner institution on the Transcript of Learning Outcomes.


UK-12527-version1-stipendia20232024.pdf (

Some associations organize their own internships

Short-term mobility of PhD students

In order to better meet the diverse training needs of doctoral students and to ensure equal opportunities, doctoral students and recent graduates (“postdocs”) can now also undertake short-term physical mobility to study or intern abroad. The duration of the stay is between 5 and 30 days.

Scholarship information

The scholarship is allocated according to the length of stay:
1 -14 days: 70 EUR/day
15 -30 days: 50 EUR/day

The grant can also be awarded for travel. This means for one day before the mobility starts and one day after the mobility ends. This grant can be increased by a social grant of 100 EUR for stays of 1-14 days or 150 EUR for stays of 15-30 days.

Other offers and programmes

Summer courses in NJ at HHU Düsseldorf 2024

We would like to share information about the scholarships for the summer German language courses at HHU Düsseldorf (3-4 scholarship places for the UK). The call for applications for these month-long stays for students is again open via the online application – Interuniversity Agreements module.

Students are kindly requested to upload all documents to the online application by 14 February 2024.
Language course application documents:

  • completed language course application form
  • structured CV in NJ or AJ
  • motivation letter in NJ or AJ

Fulbright Commission

The prestigious Fulbright scholarship programmes funded by the Czech and US governments provide Czech citizens with the opportunity to study, conduct research or teach in the USA. They give Czech educational and research institutions the opportunity to recruit a US educator or scientist.

All scholarships are awarded only under well-defined programs and procedures.

A signed consent to the processing of personal data is now a mandatory part of the application form. The form and instructions are on the individual scholarship pages.

Individuals apply directly to the Fulbright Commission, not through their home academic or other institutions. Fellows are selected through an open competition.

Fellowships typically cover living expenses, round-trip airfare and health insurance, and possibly some other costs (tuition or part of it, purchase of books, etc.).

Fellows travel to the U.S. on a J-1 visa for cultural and educational exchanges. In the case of a government-sponsored programme, as is the case with Fulbright scholarships, this visa is subject to a two-year follow-up stay in the home country.

We support approximately 40 Czech applicants each year in all programmes.

The ratio of selected scholarship holders to the number of applications depends on the specific programme, current interest and the financial requirements of the scholarship. As a rule, every third to fifth applicant succeeds.

The Fulbright Commission is not subject to the provisions of Article 38 of Regulation (EU) No 216/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the protection of personal data concerning the appointment of the Fiduciary.

Essential prerequisites
The basic requirements for applying for a scholarship in any of our programmes are Czech citizenship, completion of at least a Bachelor’s degree and a very good command of English. If you do not meet the prerequisites for any of our programmes or the conditions of the scholarships do not suit you, you can contact our Advice Centre where we will try to help you find other resources.

What fields of study do we support?
Applications to individual programmes are open to all disciplines – humanities, sciences and engineering – except for MBA, LLM and clinical medicine. We welcome applications in American Studies as well as applications focusing on multicultural or interdisciplinary aspects of the subject.

How do we select fellows?
In all programs, fellowships are awarded on the basis of a selection process that takes place once a year for each program, usually in the fall or winter (see individual programs), for residency in the following academic year. Applicants must submit the application materials by the closing date.

The basic selection criterion for all programmes is the quality of the applicant and his/her project. In all programmes (with comparable project qualities), preference will be given to applicants who have not yet had the opportunity for a long-term stay in the USA. Diversity of the selected candidates is also an important aspect. For illustrative purposes, we list below some of the factors in the evaluation forms for the expertise.

Aspects of the project assessed
The Fulbright Commission reviews applications to all programs with experts in the field from the Czech Republic and abroad. In each programme, an oral selection process with scholarship applicants is conducted by a selection committee whose members are appointed by the Board of Trustees. The Board also gives final approval to the nomination of fellows in the Czech Republic, taking into account the recommendations of the selection committee, the availability of funds and other requirements of the programmes. The Fulbright Foreign Scholarship Board, appointed by the President of the United States and based in Washington, D.C., gives final approval for all grants.

Only one application per year
Applicants can only apply for one of our programmes in any one academic year. You cannot, for example, apply for the Fulbright Scholars and Lecturers Programme and then also apply for a Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship or apply for a Student Scholarship and then apply for a Fulbright-Masaryk Scholarship. We encourage you to consult with us well in advance of the program you are considering. This rule does not limit your ability to apply to the same or another program the following year if you are unsuccessful in one year. The one-application rule applies to one selection period only.

Fulbright Scholarship for Researchers and Lecturers

It supports long-term stays of Czech scientists and university teachers in the USA to conduct research and possibly lecture in any field except clinical medicine. Scholarships may also be awarded to Czech language, literature, linguistics, etc. educators if they receive an invitation from a relevant US university or if the US side asks the Fulbright Commission to find a suitable lecturer.

Content of the grant
The duration of the fellowship depends on the project submitted and ranges from three to ten months in the academic year concerned.

  • Cost-of-living stipend based on the average cost of living in the locality according to a price map produced annually by the Institute of International Education in New York.
  • Return airfare allowance
  • Return airfare allowance
  • Basic health insurance
  • Research and professional development allowance

The grant also includes small allowances for family members. Scholarship holders are responsible for their own health insurance and transport for their family members.

Basic assumptions

  • Czech citizenship
  • Very good knowledge of English

Preference is given to applicants who have not worked or lived in the US for a long period of time.

  • Ph.D. degree or equivalent
  • Successful scientific or university teaching activity
  • Invitation from the American side. The invitation letter must include the dates during which you are to be based in the USA. The basic elements of an invitation letter can be found here
  • Signed consent to the processing of personal data. Insert the scanned document into the online application under “additional documents”. If you choose not to give your consent, unfortunately we cannot include your project in the selection process. Download the form
  • Preference is given to applicants who have not worked or lived in the US for a long period of time.

Application form
The application for this scholarship is electronic and must be submitted online. First, create a personal account that allows you to save and return to your application. The application can only be submitted electronically to the Fulbright Commission once it is fully completed. Do not use diacritics when completing the application. Please pay close attention to the instructions! In the Country Information section, select Fulbright Visiting Scholar from the Award information menu. Please consult with the appropriate Fulbright staff member if you are unclear.

Please contact gro.eii@enilnopsf directly with any login problems, please consult us directly for any content issues.

Required parts of the application form

  • The actual research project The structure of the Project statement can be found in the Instructions
  • CV and list of publications. If you have a ResearcherID, please include it in your CV.
  • Invitation from a US institution
  • Overview of the literature used for the project
  • Three letters of recommendation, online directly as part of the online application (see FAQ 5).
  • Letters of recommendation must be received no later than the closing date.
  • A copy of a valid passport (two pages with a photograph of the applicant)
  • Letter of support from home institution required if neither of the letters of recommendation is from a representative from the applicant’s home institution.
  • Funds are not to be shown unless they are directly related to the subject of the project and its implementation
  • English Language Proficiency does not need to be documented.

The deadline for applications is 1 November for the following academic year.

Selection procedure
There are three rounds. In the first round, projects with basic formal deficiencies are eliminated. The remaining projects are submitted anonymously for assessment by at least two independent experts, at least one of them abroad. Projects with a clear negative evaluation are eliminated. The third round takes the form of an oral hearing before a selection committee, the composition of which is determined annually by the Fulbright Board.

The final nomination is approved by the Fulbright Board in the Czech Republic and the Board for Foreign Scholarships in the USA.

The quality of the submitted project, publications and other professional activities of the applicant are decisive for the award of the grant. If you have a ResearcherID, mentioning it in your CV will facilitate the work of the project opponents and the selection committee – thank you for sharing it. The content of letters of recommendation is also taken into account. Typically, four to five times more applicants apply for this fellowship than we can select


Read the experiences of your classmates in the final reports.

Financial support for mobility

CU Mobility Fund – General information

The aim of the Mobility Fund (FM) of Charles University is to provide financial support for:

  • study at a foreign university for one to two semesters
  • stays at the university by foreign academics or researchers
  • study of foreign students at the UK
  • participation in international student or professional events abroad
  • short-term scientific and research stays abroad

He is entitled to support from the FM:

  • full-time student
  • academic staff member with 0.5+ hours
  • faculty for the purpose of reimbursement of costs associated with the stay of a foreign student at Charles University
  • faculty and other UK bodies for the purpose of covering the costs associated with the stay of a foreign academic staff member at the UK

FM priorities are set each year, the current ones here: Rector’s Measure No. 44/2022 – Charles University (

The UK Mobility Fund has a spring and autumn round, during which applications can be submitted via the online application:

The current dates of the individual rounds are published on the website of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen.

CU Mobility Fund – Spring 2024

The Mobility Fund enables full-time students and academic staff to benefit from a financial contribution for mobility around the world.

The aim of the Charles University Mobility Fund is to provide financial support for:
– study at a foreign university for one to two semesters,
– participation in international study or professional events of students abroad,
– short-term scientific or research stays abroad,
– study of foreign students at CU,
– study of foreign academic or scientific staff at the UK

The following can apply for financial support from the Mobility Fund:
– full-time students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral),
– an academic staff member with a full-time employment of 0.5 or more,
– a faculty for the purpose of covering the costs associated with the stay of a foreignstudent at Charles University,
– faculty and other UK bodies for the purpose of reimbursement of costs associated with the stay of a foreign academic staff member at the UK

Competition proposals (applications for a financial contribution from MF CU) are submitted via the electronic application IS Věda UK (section PAS – projects and competitions). The application requires a login name (personal number) and password to CAS.

Deadline for applications: from 1 February 2024 to 20 March 2024 at 16:00


The Programme for Supporting Internationalisation at Charles University (hereinafter referred to as “UK”) is one of the supporting instruments for financing activities aimed at increasing the level of internationalisation of the UK with regard to the objectives set out in the relevant strategic documents of the UK and individual faculties and other units.

The aim of this programme is to support short-term internationalisation activities.

For students, this means the possibility of obtaining financial support for:

  • support for the participation or departure of UK students to summer schools (with the exception of language stays),
  • short-term unpaid professional student internships of up to 3 weeks,
  • international competitions and championships,
  • student conferences with active participation or
  • representation of the UK at an international plenary related to the internationalisation of the University’s activities.

For faculties or other parts of the UK, this brings opportunities to obtain support in terms of short-term events:

  • organisation of international summer schools of a non-economic nature organised by faculties or other parts of the UK (In accordance with the Framework for State Aid for Research, Development and Innovation (2014/C 198/01).

Applications can be submitted twice a year. The current deadlines are always published on the website of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen. Applications must be submitted electronically via the online application (UK internal competition system) no later than the last day of the application deadline.

Important information
  • Allocated support is provided for a purpose, i.e. it is tied to a specific applicant, activity and implementation dates. A student can be granted financial support for travel, accommodation and meals. The student is not allowed to apply for a contribution to the participation fee.
  • Language courses – financial support does not apply to summer language schools
  • Reverse refund – not possible, can only be requested for activities that have yet to take place
  • Mobility Fund – it is not possible to apply for financial support from Internationalization Support and FM for the same program
  • Active participation/passive participation – active participation – performance with a contribution
  • The maximum amount of support allocated to students is CZK 40,000. The maximum amount of allocated support for faculties and other parts of the Charles University as organizers of summer schools and extracurricular events is CZK 80,000.

Paul Robitschek Scholarship

The annual scholarship is intended for Czech and Slovak university students who, as part of it, complete a two-semester study at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (Nebraska, USA). The scholarship will cover tuition and university fees, room and board, textbooks and round-trip airfare. Excellent English skills, willingness to communicate with the program coordinator and work part-time on the university campus are required. Among other things, the candidate must demonstrate sufficient academic ability and interest in political, economic and cultural events in the USA.

The application deadline is always March 1 for the following academic year. More information.  

Information about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Website about student travel