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Tuesday8.30–11.30 a 12.30–14.30
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The Study Department for international students is located on the 3rd floor of the U1 building.

What if

Here’s a list of the most common questions that may help you find a solution to your problem.

you need to ask for a payment of the tuition fee in two instalments

In justified cases, students in higher years may ask the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Pilsen for a permission to pay their annual tuition fee in two equal instalments. Payment in two instalments is not claimed automatically. The final decision in this matter is entirely to the Dean of the Faculty.

The deadline for a request submitting is the end of July of previous Academic year (e.g. for splitting payment for the Ac. year 2024/25, the deadline is end of July 2024) . After this date any requests will not be accepted! 

A student will fill in the request form with an option payment of tuition fee in two installments and a short justification and submit it to the study department in person or as a scan sent via e-mail.

In case if student´s request is positively approved by the Dean, student will visit the Study Department personally to sign an Instalment plan/agreement, which is a binding document for the payment of tuition fee in two instalments.

Without any exception, all new coming 1st year students will pay a full amount of tuition fee in one instalment.

More information about the tuition fee.

you would like to interrupt your studies

Study may be interrupted more than once upon request from a student (or by virtue of office). With the exception of very serious reasons, namely a health condition, the interruption of study is not granted before the second unit of study (if the units of study are years). Study interruption from a student side commonly has following reasons: 

1. The student applies for interruption of study on the grounds of pregnancy, delivery, or parental care or for the purpose of caring for a dependant

  • student will submit a form of request and a proof of parenting (e.g. a birth certificate of the child, a pregnancy certificate, etc.)
  • study will be interrupted for the period of time which would otherwise be covered by the maternity (or parental leave) of the student

2. The student applies for the interruption of study because of a serious health condition

  • student will submit a form of request together with a medical report proving the health condition
  • study will be interrupted until the time for enrollment into upcoming unit of study

3. The student fulfilled the requirements for the relevant unit of study and did not begin study in the subsequent unit of study

  • student will submit a form of request, no justification is needed in this case
  • study will be interrupted for the period remaining until the expiration of the maximum duration of study

Student is asked to deliver the request for study interruption together with all supporting document to the English Study Department office. If the student cannot deal with this matter in person, it can be also solved by another person on the base of power of attorney. 

you would like to terminate your studies

A student can leave the studies at any time of his/her own free will. In this case, student is asked to deliver the request for study termination to the English Study Department office. Leaving the study does not give rise to the right to a refund of the fee associated with the study in a foreign language (tuition fee). After study termination, student will receive a Transcript of Records (a list of completed study requirements) and a confirmation of study progress.

you need to ask for an Individual Study Plan

A student can ask for an Individual Study Plan for a several reasons, e.g.:

1. If the curriculum makes it impossible, through setting prerequisites for the registration for further subjects, to acquire in the subsequent unit the minimum number of credits for registration in the next unit of study, student can ask for an Individual Study Plan (gap year). The condition for ISP in this case is maximum of two missing study duties

The request for ISP has to be submitted to English Study Department office latest until the last day of enrollment into the next unit of study (typically 30th of September)!

2. ISP request is also required from students leaving for an Erasmus stay, we ask students to submit a form before their planned leaving (beggining of semester or Ac. year).

you would like to ask for a subject recognition

Student may apply for recognition of the fulfilment of assessment of a subject. The fulfillment of the study obligation must not be older than the standard period of study extended by two years. Student will follow instructions: 

  • collect a proof of completing the subject and its sylabus
  • fill in the form of request (other study issues)
  • visit a subject guarantor with all above mentioned documents and ask for his/her statement which must be clearly written on the form of request (or attached to it)
  • submit all these documents to English Study Department office

Contact for doctoral studies

Contacts and information on doctoral (Ph.D.) studies can be found on the Doctoral Study page.

Forms and Documents

Forms and documents that you need during your studies at the faculty can be found in Downloads.